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Job description:

  • Providing big corporate clients detailed analysis, visibility and control during multi-phase transactions running while acquiring or selling a business entity
  • The application provides different roles according to a user's assignment on the current project allowing users to perform a defined subset of operations and it also allows the customers to access the shared content inside
  • When all the data is collected and processed, the application allows to generate a detailed report which is presented as the final output of the whole project
  • The application is very high-profile, uses microservice architecture and is built with focus on the highest possible technical quality using the most modern technology stack


  • JavaScript (with promises, async), TypeScript 
  • HTML5, CSS3 (rem, em, css variables) 
  • Sass, CSS preprocessors 
  • React - latest (hooks, context api, refs) 
  • Other libraries: ○ Redux (with Thunk) ○ React Router ○ Jest 
  • Linting (ESLint, Prettier, stylelint) 
  • Responsive apps, SPA 
  • Bootstrap 
  • Npm, Node.js, Webpack, minification, uglification, cache busting 
  • Git 
  • HTTP
  • RESTful API 
  • Postman, Fiddler, Soap UI 
  • Azure DevOps 
  • Scrum/Agile 
  • Authentication - JWT, OAuth 
  • XSS, CSRF 
  • Data binding, State management 
  • UI/UX 
  • SDLC 
  • Naming conventions, best practices, good communication, experience with work in distributed team

Základní info:

long term


  • react

Další info:

  • Způsob spolupráce: ičo
  • Nástup: asap
Monika Vasilová

Monika Vasilová

Monika jako naše Branch Managerka je zodpovědná za celkové směrování a řízení Gentlecodes. Ve spolupráci s našimi zakladateli vytváří celkovou strategii k naplňování stanovených cílů. Její focus je také směřován k vyhodnocování finanční analýzy společnosti.