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Job description:

  • Into our Application Development Team based in Prague we are looking for a strong Front-end development lead.

  • We are a team of software developers who support a full SW development lifecycle - from architecture design, UX/UI, development, quality assurance, deployment to the tech support.

  • We design, deliver or maintain many applications or SW products either for our global network, or for many external clients from various industries.

  • We push for excellence once delivering high quality products and services.

  • We've built a strong team of highly skilled specialists, who help our clients to deliver value and make their projects successful.

  • We are focusing on defining standards, transforming the projects to use best practices and up-to-date technologies, skill-up other teams in technical areas and improve their processes.

  • Within our Front-end development competency, we are developing shared tools libraries, UI kits or frameworks to standardize quality across multiple projects.

  • We are also focusing on sharing knowledge between the team members, keeping them up-to-date with latest technologies or trends in the field.

  • We are looking for a strong Front-end development lead, who's heart will beat for the team.

  • One who will commit to further improve the team's FE competency and take it to the next level.

  • A mix of strong hands-on developer skills with a consultant mindset.

  • Position offering will require at least 50% of hands-on coding on a project.

  • Remaining 50% will be technical leadership, business development or FE competency work, focused on up-skilling the team and maintaining the quality of the work we are providing.


  • Very good English for daily communication

  • Mindset of consultant - propose innovations, explain reasons for change, guide non-technical people

  • Good knowledge of Design Patterns, Architecture

  • React (Functional Components), Angular, (Vue)
    Micro front-ends (SingleSpa Framework, Webpack Module Federation)

  • Monorepo - Lerna

  • State Management libraries (Redux, Zustand)

  • OpenAPI - Swagger Client Generation

  • SCSS modules

  • Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material Design

Nice to have:

  • Azure DevOps
    Azure Cloud
    Security - OWASP - XSS, CSRF

Základní info:

Hybridní režim (75 % remote + Praha onsite)


  • React

Další info:

  • Způsob spolupráce: HPP
  • Nástup: ASAP
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